My device is broken; can you repair it or replace it?

Please visit our replacement page. All ZAAPTV™ products have 1 year warranty from first day usage.

I want the latest firmware

The ZAAPTV™ automatically retrieves the latest firmware upgrade and prompt a message that ask you if you want to upgrade to latest firmware.

How can I use the IPHONE/IPAD ZAAPTV™ APP?

IPHONE/IPAD ZAAPTV™ APP is available on the ITunes store and you can download and use it for free with your ZAAPTV™ HD509N. Login details for the IPhone/IPad Application you find in the ZAAPTV HD509N menu under settings and about.

How much bandwidth does ZAAPTV™ consume?

ZAAPTV™ consumes approx. 3.6Gb per hour, we strongly recommend “unlimited” internet connection plans.

What internet speed and connection do I need?

FIBER INTERNET min. 1Mbps internet connection. ADSL INTERNET min. 2Mbps internet connection. DSL INTERNET min. 2Mbps internet connection. 4G INTERNET min. 5Mbps internet connection. 3G INTERNET min.10Mbps internet connection. CABLETV INTERNET min. 10Mbps internet Connection.

Can we download Applications?

Yes, you can load applications from the ZAAPTV™ Market.